About Us

Mission Bay Watersports is one of Auckland’s longest running paddle sport centers and is run by a world class team of sea loving educators. We employ instructors who, like us, are experienced sea kayakers and SUP paddlers with a personal commitment and passion for conservation and paddling. Irrespective of their own experience, new staff undergo a detailed training program specific to the Hauraki Gulf conditions. As paddlers who love the ocean, we are at our best when we are on the sea sharing with others our skills, experience, knowledge, passion and commitment.

Mission Bay Watersports is a Surfing New Zealand approved SUP school and accredited with the International Surfing Association.

Mission Bay Watersports 30 years paddling

NZOIA Mission Bay Watersports

History of Mission Bay Watersports

Mission Bay has long been a base for adventure in Auckland. During WWII,  the beach was used as a pilot training area where ‘would be’ fighter pilots learned to fly in sea planes. When the craze of windsurfing hit New Zealand in the 1980’s, Mission Bay Watersports became part of the furniture on the white sand when the first windsurf shop opened and operated a training school around 30 years ago.

Throughout it’s proud history, Mission Bay Watersports has provided safe, expert instruction in both sail and paddle sports. It has always been operated by professionals who are highly skilled, registered and well-recognised within the industry. We are proud to continue our services, which have proven to be major asset to one of Auckland’s greatest natural assets! Break Free from big city life and come paddle with us at Mission Bay today!

Windsurfing auckland at mission bay

About Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a fast growing sport that everyone can enjoy! Centuries ago Hawaiians used paddle boards for fishing and traveling short distances. In recent years surfers in Hawaii made the sport known to the public. Nowadays the best board shapers are utilising the latest materials and technology and can produce a stable and fun board for virtually anyone!