Q: Is Stand Up Paddleboarding difficult to learn?

A: Not at all! We have people of all ages and sizes fall in love with the sport.

Q: What should I wear for paddleboarding?

A: Wear clothing that lets you move and that can get wet: athletic short shorts and a quick dry T-shirt or a swimsuit work well in the warmer months. In winter feel free to bring your wetsuit.

Q: Where are you located and is there parking available?

A: We are on the city end of Mission Bay beach. Our trailer is parked in the carpark near the Mecca Stonehouse Cafe at 44 Tamaki Drive and we operate directly onto the beach. Free parking is available all day in the lot. If you have any troubles finding us, just give us a call!

Q: How old do you need to be to SUP?

A: A child must be at least 8 years old to paddle of their own board. Younger children are welcome to sit on the board with an adult.