Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

Let us help you build confidence and tune your skills! Progress, develop and explore Auckland from the water with the undivided attention and safety of our experienced instructors.

Private Lesson

$ 55

Per Month
  • 60min lesson
  • Structured to your level and ability
  • Up to three people
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Intro to SUP Group Lesson

$ 50

Per Month
  • 90min Group Lesson
  • Paddling basics, techniques, and safety
  • Recommended for first time paddlers
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SUP Fitness

$ 20

Per Month
  • 60min Power Hour
  • Develop and strengthen core muscles and increase endurance while having fun!
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Intermediate SUP Lesson

$ 40

Per Month
  • 60min Group Lesson
  • For the more experienced paddler that wants to take paddling to the next level
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Intro to Surf

$ 40

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SNZ SUP Approved SchoolWater Safety NZ

Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding

Come discover the exciting new sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP)! In our Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding session you will be taught the basics of SUP by International Surfing Association (ISA) qualified instructors. The course will cover:

  • Introduction to equipment
  • Safety on the water
  • Paddling basics and techniques such as: Stance, Turning, Paddle Stroke, Board Control and more

After this session, you will be included in the Mission Bay Watersports “Frequent SUPer Club” with the added benefits of discounted board rentals at $25/hour and 20% off all future Intermediate and Advanced lessons. Or purchase a Frequent SUPer Concession Pass and receive even more benefits! Session includes board, paddle, and life jacket. Duration: ¬†90 minutes Cost: $50/person

SUP Fitness Session

Power Hour on the water! Join us for a group SUP Fitness class led by our ISA qualified instructors. SUP is amazing for building core strength – in fact the movements involve the entire body. It is also brilliant for improving balance which acts as ideal cross-training for other sports – movements within snowsports are especially dependent on well-tuned balance. Say goodbye to sweaty gym equipment and come enjoy a full gym work out in 60mins while gliding through the water without a sound! The SUP Fitness Session will be focused on interval training, sprints. power paddling, and muscle building exercises. Includes board, paddle and life jacket. Must have prior paddling experience (Intro to Paddleboarding class is recommended). Duration: 60 minutes Cost: $20/person (For our “Frequent SUPers” the discounted price is $15/person)

Intermediate Lesson

For the more experienced paddler that wants to take paddling to the next level. Our Intermediate Lesson will focus on different stances, advanced turning, improved paddling technique etc. Our instructors will also further discuss SUP equipment and marine safety. Duration: 60 minutes Cost: $40/person¬†(For our “Frequent SUPers” the discounted price is $32/person)

Intro to Surf Skills

Take it to the surf! We offer our Intro to Surf Skills class to prepare you for the waves. Our instructors will take you through the essentials to surf including: surf specific paddling techniques, paddling out through the waves, wave catching stances, safety, surf etiquette etc. The Intro to Surf Skills class will take place in Mission Bay. Advanced lessons will take it to the waves on Auckland’s East Coast! Duration: 60 mins Cost: $40/person

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