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The City Surf Series – a social meeting point

City Surf Series is hanging out with family and friends and having a break from daily routine while doing some sports. This was the main motive of the passionate paddle boarder Troy Huston and his wife Stacey when they founded the City Surf series in 2012. Meanwhile, the project has grown to a greatly popular water sports event in Auckland and its surrounding area with hundreds of people taking part every week. Conveniently, Mission Bay is one of the locations where the City Surf series take place.

The concept is simple: Interested participants – those can be beginners as well as enthusiasts and ambitious athletes of all ages – compete against each other in paddle board races up to 4.5 kilometres. They can choose between different divisions, depending on age, skills and the particular board’s length and style. Besides, there are some competitions only for males or females and for teams as well, so the event is likewise an excellent chance to have some quality time with fellows or classmates – or to meet new people.

Troy, the organizer of the City Surf series, emphasizes that there are no previous skills required. For some divisions, newbies can even do some training sessions with the volunteer coaches before starting with the competition. Generally, it is one of the organizers’ main goals to inspire newbies by creating a social and cordial atmosphere. The competition is held friendly, so fun and fitness are to the fore as Troy points out.

It’s quite easy to take part in the City Surf series: Just register online at the event’s website and enjoy a fantastic and entertaining time with lots of other people. If possible, participants should bring their own boards and paddles because the organizers’ equipment is limited. Look forward to seeing you there.


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